Specialist conferences

The first specialist conference of the Round Table Kleve in 2003 caused broad public attention. This was the second anniversary since the introduction of the Law on Violence against Violence against Domestic Violence.

Since then, Kleve has hosted numerous appraisals - partly for experts, but always also open to interested citizens.

On the following pages you will find flyers and, above all, documentaries on the day-to-day missions. If you would like to know more about the individual topics, please contact your Equal Opportunities Officer.

2015 The Silence of the children

2013 Offenders

2012 Ten Years of Violence Protection Act

2011 Criminal Proceedings

2010 Warning signals

2009 Weekend and Sunshine

2008 Female Migrants

2007 Stalking | Schools

2006 Forced Marriage

2004 Health

2003 Two years of Violence Protection Act


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