Women's specific counselling IMPULS

"Frauen helfen Frauen e. V."

The IMPULS women counseling center addresses all women in the district of Kleve and offers comprehensive life counseling with a special focus on the female lifestyle. It is headquartered in Goch and regularly offers women-specific counseling in Emmerich, Kleve and Geldern so that women from all over the district of Kleve can use the free and confidential consultation.

Advisory focal point

The employees of the IMPULS women counseling center offer women who are affected by domestic violence short-term professional and individual help. They provide information on the various possibilities of legal protection and support the decisions and the necessary practical steps. The Women's Counseling Center offers a protected framework for women to discuss their experiences and to deal with the violence experienced. The counseling is aimed at stabilizing women in crisis-stricken life situations and developing new life perspectives.

Specific help offers

  • Crisis intervention, if the police have a place reference
  • Counseling, stabilization and support for imminent, acute or after-experienced violence
  • Close cooperation with other institutions, in particular with the police in the district of Kleve
  • Preventive offers for girls and women
  • Multiplier training.

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Women‘s Counselling Center IMPULS
Headquarter: Voßstraße 28, 47574 Goch
Phone 02823.419171
Fax 02823.419172

Opening hours:

Monday - Wednesday  9.00am to 12.00pm
Thursday 2.00pm to 6.00pm

Kleve also offers consulting hours.

Please call for information on time and place: 02823.419171.