2015: The silence of the children

Second session on affected children

In 2007, there had been a discussion about the problems of children experiencing violence in their home already. At that time, the focus was on further educators. The meeting in 2015 focuses on the suffering and silence of the children.

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Dealing with children as witnesses and victims

Children themselves often experience violence or observe it. In any case, this has damaging consequences. According to the BMFSFJ, every tenth child is physically attacked when it comes to domestic violence against women. 70% of women who were victims of domestic violence and whose children had contact with the father were abused again during visits or handing over. Empirical studies show that the risk of violence and killing for women and children is higher by a factor of five in the period of separation.

Children who experience domestic violence develop a variety of disorders, ranging from emotional, cognitive, and social development to behavioral problems requiring treatment. There is also the risk that appropriate patterns will be adopted in adult age through the experience of a violence relationship.

Therefore children are not only witnesses of domestic violence, but also victims.


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