2004: Diagnosis: domestic violence

Recognize and treat psychological and physical consequences

On 17th November 2004 the representatives of the Round Tables for a nonviolent home in the district of Kleve, the Women's Counseling Center IMPULS in Goch and the medical chamber of North Rhine-Westphalia, invited the doctors and therapists in the district of Kleve to "Schloss Moyland" on the symposium: “Diagnosis: Domestic Violence". The attractive meeting place was also one of the concerns of the organizers, who want to bring domestic violence from the camouflage of privacy into the center of public attention.

Symposium for physicians and therapists

The symposium for physicians and therapists, which was honored as a training event by the Medical Association of North Rhine-Westphalia with further training points, had the goal of attracting health care providers more strongly than before for the participation in these networks. They are often the first point of contact for people who have been victims of domestic violence, and they are confronted daily with the health consequences of domestic violence, whether physical or mental.

Specialist lecturers and workshops dealt in detail with questions of diagnosis, therapy and prevention in connection with domestic violence.

About 80 participants came to Moyland Castle on the day of the symposium.

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Quotation Birgit Fischer, former health minister in North Rine Welstphalia

"If we want to improve care for the victims of domestic violence in health care, we have to drive in two ways: Firstly, we must further strengthen the specific sensitivity and competence of those involved in dealing with the victims. Secondly, only constructive interdisciplinary cooperation, particularly at the local level, will significantly improve the protection and assistance of those affected on the ground. Therefore it is also necessary to improve the interlinking of health care facilities with the existing regional co-operation to combat domestic violence ".


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