Consulting services offered by the Diocese of Münster

Marriage, family and life counseling

The marriage, family and life counseling (EFL) supports people:

  • with problems and conflicts in partnership and marriage
  • during crises in the family
  • in case of separation and divorce
  • for personal problems and life crises
  • in difficult life situations

Domestic violence occurs in the context of partnership-based relationships. The counseling center offers counseling in individual and couple interviews to women, men and couples who are victims or perpetrators of domestic violence. The starting point of the work with couples is the paired dynamics, which can escalate towards the partner by disputing and dealing with physical or psychological violence. To develop de-escalation strategies, to establish communication skills, and to deal with psychological injuries is offered. The starting point of the individual work with the victim is the stabilization in the crisis situation and the development of new life perspectives in the face of traumatic experiences.

The starting point of the individual work with the perpetrator is to develop a nonviolent scope for action.

The consultations are free and open to all, regardless of sex, age, family status and denomination.

The EFL (marriage, family and life counseling) is funded for the most part by ecclesiastical means, subsidies are provided by the state of NRW, the district of Kleve and the city of Emmerich am Rhein.


Councelling Centre Kleve

Turmstraße 36b | 47533 Kleve

Phone 02821.22891


Office Hours:

Tuesday 8:30am to 1:00pm
Friday 2:00pm to 4:30pm


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