Who are the offenders?

Change of behavior is needed!

If domestic violence occurs among adults, it is observed that in the vast majority of cases men are perpetrators, victims are women.

Experience shows that most offenders are neither aware that they are punishable, nor how sustained the damage they inflict on their victims. In their perception, the forces of violence seem to "work" in their favor. Especially when they reach their goals: the enforcement of their interests, the assertion of their person against the partner, and the consolidation of their position within the relationship or family.

Those who are committed to domestic violence must also place the offenders in the focus of attention as well as the victims. Excluding offenders helps the victim in the acute case of violent exercise, but a lasting change in behavior does not lead to a police expulsion or the public ostracism of the offenders.

Association for nonviolent coexistence

From the ranks of the Round Tables in 2008, a booster club for a non-violent coexistence in the district of Kleve "Zukunft ohne Zoff" (ZOZ) was founded. It offers courses for men who beat


Nationwide offers

The association ZOZ is a member of the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Täterarbeit e.V.

The Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Täterarbeit Häusliche Gewalt (BAG-TäHG e.V. is an interinstitutional, intercultural umbrella association for offenders of domestic violence in Germany.

On the website of the Federal Working Community there can be found numerous information and offers, as well as contact addresses.



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