Support for children and young people

Caritas Counselling Center for Children, Adolescents and Families

Our team of specialists from the disciplines of psychology, social pedagogy, therapeutic education, family and children's therapy provides assistance for the support of violence and violence.

The focus is on:

  • Diagnosis of abnormalities in the development or behavior of the child
  • Counseling for victims of violence up to the age of 26 years and of relatives and persons from the life environment (children's day-care centers, school etc.)
  • Support for nonviolent education through reflection of own (violence) experiences and through the mediation of practical possibilities for action
  • Technical cooperation in the social services network
  • Prevention through information events

Our helpdesk is free of charge for advice. The conversation content is strictly confidential.

The first contact is usually by telephone or personal registration in the secretariat of the counseling center. In the short term, we offer an initial consulation.

Caritasverband Kleve e.V.

Hoffmannallee 66a – 68 | 47533 Kleve
Phone 02821.720930

Office hours

Monday - Thursday 8:30am to 12:30pm and 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Friday 8.30am to 12.00pm

Help for young migrants

The "Jugendmigrationsdienst" (JMD) of the “Internationaler Bund Soziale Dienste GmbH” supports young people and young adults with a migration background in their linguistic, school, professional and social integration into German society.

Our services:

  • Individual counseling for adolescents aged between 12 and 27 years
  • Intermediate courses in integration language courses
  • Social pedagogical guidance before, during and after the integration courses
  • Promotion through group offers
  • Professional career planning

Social Services "Soziale Dienste GmbH" |Jugendmigrationsdienst Kreis Kleve

Lindenallee 73 | 47533 Kleve
Phone 02821.7119842

Further information:

SOS Kinderdorf e.V. Niederrhein

The SOS Kinderdorf Niederrhein e.V. is a network of qualified help centers in the fields of child and youth welfare, vocational training and counseling at a total of 16 locations throughout the district of Kleve.

Within the scope of the aid to education (SGB VIII), children, young people and young adults receive assistance, support and support of professional helpers in children's dormitory families, residential groups, an independent group, supervised housing and a daily group.

In the field of day-care facilities the SOS Kinderdorf Niederrhein offers the following care facilities for children:

  • Integrative children's day care center
  • Care
  • Daycare center / crèche
  • Open fulltime school

SOS- Kinderdorf Niederrhein

Kuhstraße 56 | 47533 Kleve

Phone 02821.7530-40 | Fax 02821.7530-59


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