Domestic Violence

Beat someone you love?

It sounds unimaginable; however it is the bitter truth within many families, couples, and partnerships: People who love one another or have close relationship exercise violence towards their partners and/or their children.

The Criminal Code speaks of "domestic violence". It occurs in all social strata, it occurs in rural areas as well as in urban areas, and it almost never occurs once. Like a spiral, the cruel dynamics of violent relations is functioning. Especially cruel, because the extent of the victim’s shame grows with the intimacy of the relationship. The camouflage of the offenders, on the other hand, is almost perfect, because violence takes place in the secrecy of privacy.

Violence has many forms: It reaches from threats, humiliation and verbal attacks to physical harm or sexual abuse up to the intent to kill or murder.

Domestic violence is caused by women and men. However those are predominantly women and children who are exposed to violence processed by men.

According to a study from the World Health Organization (WHO) violence is one of the most significant threats to a person’s health.


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