Psychological aid

LVR-Clinic Bedburg-Hau

The department for child and youth psychiatry, psychosomatics and psychotherapy offers counseling and stabilization of psychological stress and traumatization of children, adolescents and their reference persons:

  • Counseling on treatment options for psychological stress on children and adolescents
  • Prompt stabilization in acute trauma
  • Treatment of traumatic experiences in the context of psychotherapy

Further offers of the LVR-Clinic - for children and adolescents as well as for adults:

  • In the competence training for children and adolescents, aggressive behavior is to be dismantled. The children and adolescents learn to deal appropriately with aggression and themselves and thus gain the opportunity to build up social skills. In addition, the training program is also about role behavior.
  • The UMA program (UMA = dealing with aggression) focuses on conflict processing without violence.
  • The can-stop group training / cannabis ambulance supports THC-addicted or THC abusing young people, finding ways to abstinence. This is also prevention work against violence.

Further information:

LVR-Clinic Bedburg-Hau
Department of Child and Youth Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy

Grüner Winkel 8 | 47551 Bedburg-Hau

Phone 02821.8134-01 | Fax 02821.8134-98


School psychological counseling

Teachers are frequently the first out of the family who perceive signs of domestic violence through their daily contact with pupils.

The school psychological counseling in the education authority for the district of Kleve offers the schools support and counseling

  • to assess an initial suspicion,
  • to cooperate with extracurricular institutions (for example, Youth Welfare Department),
  • to deal with affected pupils,

• the development of school concepts for the prevention of violence

The consultation is confidential and free of charge.


Education Authority (‘Schulamt’) for the district of Kleve

Contact person: Britta Baumann

Nassauerallee 15-23 | 47533 Kleve
Phone 02821.85-495 | Fax 02821.85-585


Doctor’s offices for ambulant psychotherapy

In the district of Kleve, there are psychotherapists who offer therapeutic help in their own doctor’s office for children, adolescents and adults who are or were victims of domestic violence - as well as children- and adolescent psychotherapists working exclusively for children and adolescents. The costs for therapies are usually taken over by the health insurance companies.

The different psychotherapeutic measures are important for those affected. Psychotherapy can help, among other things, learn to resist emotional, physical or sexual assaults, and, if necessary, to break away from harmful relationships. The protection of possibly affected children is always at the forefront. Psychotherapy can also help to heal the mental injuries of experienced violence.

With this topic, therapists are continually informing themselves about violence, their effects and possible aids, and are often networked with other counseling-, therapy- and aid institutions.

Psychotherapies often run over an extended period of time. This often results in a more or less long waiting period for a therapy center, which can be asked in practice in individual cases.

Usually the doctors, clinics or counseling centers in the district have addresses. They are also found - always up-to-date - on the Internet pages of the Kassenärztlichen Vereinigung, the Psychotherapeutic Chamber and the trauma therapeutists.


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