Women's shelter of AWO

Help for beaten women

Any woman who is affected by acute or threatening physical and / or mental violence can be informed and advised in the women’s shelter.

The consultations are free and confidential.

24-hour hotline: 02821.12201

E-Mail: awo-frauenhaus-kleve@t-online.de


Admission to the women's home is possible at day and night, regardless of nationality, denomination and income. Women without their own income and wealth have a right to social assistance.

The women's shelter is burglar-proof. The address is anonymous and will not be passed on to third parties. There is a fast connection to the police if necessary.

Counseling, support, and accompaniment for women ...

Professionally trained employees advise and orient themselves individually to the life concept of the individual woman. In the conversation, violence can be processed and further decisions can be considered. If necessary, there will be an accompaniment at the authorities, doctor's visits, appointments with lawyers and courts, etc. The women's shelter supports affected women in securing the livelihood, clarifying the housing situation, housing needs, educational questions, questions of maintenance, due diligence, divorce and divorce questions, questions of residence law, and the search for other advisory institutions.

... and for their children

Children entering the women's home with their mothers were confronted with domestic violence either directly - through physical, mental and / or sexual violence - or indirectly through an atmosphere of aggression, fear and threat. The adequate handling of these crisis situations, the support of the children, as well as the cooperation with schools and other institutions is the content of the child labor in the women’s shelter. Protection of children also includes the protection against violent mothers' overprints on their children.


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