Netzgruppe Kleve e.V. - Network group Kleve

Refuge and help

The non-profit association Netzgruppe-Kleve e.V. was founded with the aim of providing protection and shelter for young women, pregnant women and mothers with their infants in emergency and crisis situations.

Young women between the ages of 18 and 27 have the opportunity to rest in our home, to mobilize their own strengths and develop new future prospects for a self-determined life.

We support those seeking help in all areas of life and ensure personal support.

We offer an all-round help package with 24 hours on-call service and work individually, unbureaucratically, low-thresholdly and realistically.

It is particularly important to us to work on a basis of trust at eye level, focusing on the woman with her needs and wishes.

Our offerings:

  • Counselling Center
  • sanctuary
  • housing offer

Netz-Gruppe Kleve e.V.
Rütgerstraße 4 | 47533 Kleve
Phone: 02821.798292


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