For a nonviolent home

Strong networks

In Kleve, in Emmerich, in Goch, as well as in Geldern / southern district, experts from different institutions have joined forces to form "Round Tables for a nonviolent home" in local alliances in order to connect their work against domestic violence and its consequences.

The focus of this corporation is on the mutual reconciliation and improvement of aid to victims of domestic violence, the development and implementation of preventive measures to prevent violence, and the establishment of bids for offenders. The further development of the co-operation between the various state institutions and non-governmental aid institutions is also an essential task of the network for a nonviolent home in the district of Kleve.

There are many good reasons to get to know the work of the Round Tables!

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The Round Tables in the district of Kleve are coordinated by the Equal Opportunities Officers of the cities Kleve, Emmerich, Goch and Geldern.

The history of Round Tables in the district of Kleve can be read in our brochure.

Four local alliances


The Round Tables want to ...

  • Encourage people who have experienced violence to seek help and not to remain silent.
  • Make clear that violence is not a solution of conflicts – neither at home nor outside.
  • Announce existing offers of help.
  • Develop and implement ideas to improve existing offers, make them more transparent, and connect with these existing offers.
  • Build up new offers and announce these.
  • Sensitize, qualify, and mobilize the employees of public institutions, politics, schools and kindergarten, associations, and churches in the field of domestic violence.
  • Arouse public interest on the topic of domestic violence.
  • Invite and encourage people to turn to the worries of friends, next neighbors, colleagues, etc.



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