2003: Two Years of Violence Protection Act

Violence at home - and no end in sight? With this provocative question, the first meeting of the Round Table Kleve and the AWO was overwritten.

With professional lectures, the stage play "Szenen einer Ehe" (Scenes of a Marriage) and a lively discussion, the organizers provided plenty of public attention.

Extract of the invitation folder:

"For two years now, there has been the Violence Protection Act in Germany, providing an improved legal framework to protect women and children from domestic violence.

With our specialist conference we want to sum up: What has been achieved in these two years, what still needs to be done?

We also want to make our mark: We, the AWO Niederrhein and the Round Table Kleve, do not leave the victims of domestic violence alone, we create structures for networked aid and we stir up the process of public debate with this, especially in rural areas where this problem is broadly tabooed.

For a nonviolent home. "


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