Help for offenders

An offer for men ...

... who have exercised physical and / or mental violence against their (ex) partner.

... who want to take responsibility for their actions.

... who want to understand and change their behavior.

... who want to work on their couple situation.

... who want to work on their role model and father role.

We offer ...

... a social training on the subject of domestic violence (according to the standard of the Federal Working Community for Domestic Violence) and work on the principle that violent behavior is learned and is not an inevitable fate.

In our training, it is about taking responsibility for one's own actions, understanding behavior and assuming changes. In addition to recording and individual talks, the training is mostly in group form with 10 participants at maximum.

Trainers and participants are pledged to keep the group contents confidential.

Zukunft ohne Zoff - ZOZ > Future without trouble

In 2008, some members of the Round Table Kleve founded the” Förderverein für ein gewaltfreies Miteinander im Kreis Kleve” (booster club for a non-violent coexistence in the district of Kleve). The purpose of the association formulated in the statutes is "... the promotion of the political, institutional and economic framework conditions for non-violent coexistence. In particular, he wants to promote the networking of the various institutions in the district of Kleve in order to prevent violence, to make public on the subject and to take own initiatives to protect the victims and work with the perpetrators."

The purpose of the association was, above all, to set up an independent organization, which could, for example, take care of public relations, and which could also acquire funds - also and above all for Round Table projects. The association was awarded as charity.

The central offer of ZOZ is an anti-violence training for violent men.

Find out more: Zukunft ohne Zoff

Zukunft ohne Zoff - ZOZ


ZOZ - Förderverein für ein gewaltfreies Miteinander im Kreis Kleve

c/o Gerd Engler (chairman)

Triftstraße 321 | 47574 Goch-Nierswalde


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